about me

Health Enthusiast, Mental Fitness Coach & Hope Dealer

Hey! I’m Lacie Jaye.
My last name was way too long and hard to spell so I am officially going by Lacie Jaye, which I love because it is what the people closest call me. You will find that I am an open book about life & the things I love. I have been on a long journey creating a healthier life for me and my family after dealing with a handful of unexplained health issues. I am doing my best to live a low-toxic lifestyle, and excited to bring you along on the journey.

I am a mental wellness advocate, and love being able to use my story to normalize mental health. I believe now more than ever, there is a space for women to embrace who they were created to be to live a life out loud. After waking up one morning with the words, "Her Life Out Loud" written on my heart I have been on a mission to create a space where women are able to find their voice, and boldly tell their stories.

lacie jaye

Meet My Family

We are the "Fig Fam Four" also known as Ben, Lacie, Parker & Emery. My handsome hubby is super adventurous and creative.

Parker + Emery are at such a fun age where we get to go explore. We are enjoying soaking up this time with them,  teaching them to find joy and be curious about life.

What I Believe

It is time for women to embrace who they were created to be to live their life out loud. I believe you have a story to tell that will impact the world. You are not meant to live voiceless, and it is time to let go of fear, and step into the calling on your life. When you step out in faith we believe you are going to find FREEDOM in sharing your voice.

I am on a mission to help those who have been through life trauma. I believe it is our job to be LOUD and RISE up for those who are stuck. I am passionate about supporting organizations who help fight trafficking, creating better living for those in need, and helping set people free from their past!

I’m always looking for incredible people and partners, let’s get in touch!

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