35 Days of NOT Giving Up

May 24, 2018

35 days.

35 days of NOT giving up.
35 days of moving more {mainly 7,500 steps}
35 days of toxic free supplements.
35 days of more energy.
35 days of losing inches.
35 days of building confidence.

I promised I would share my journey.
I looked at the pictures and wanted to wait another month because I didn’t see flat abs, but then I remembered I am on this journey for me + learning a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want the quick fixes. I want this weight gone FOREVER.

I see lots of change as I take a longer look.

💥booty is coming back
💥waist is slimming down
💥thighs have lost inches
💥internally I feel amazing

This is the first time in FOUR years I have stuck with something. I usually quit a week in because it’s not doable, but I have found something that fits my lifestyle!!! SIMPLE.

My favorite part?!?
Finding the right supplements for your goals or needs. 30-day money back guarantee 💰

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.
The transformation in 90 days will be sooo worth it + I can’t even wait to see my girls who are killing it in our challenge!

It’s your turn 😉

lacie jaye
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