Total Body Detox: Best Full Body Cleanse at Home

May 15, 2023

If I learned anything from my functional doctor, it was the importance of eliminating. Here I was with numb legs, hair falling out and completely exhausted, and he was telling me the first thing we need to work on was a full body cleanse to make sure I was pooping. The more I have jumped into a whole body approach to health, the more I am realizing how important it really is to focus on eliminating correctly.

My mentor and founder of Total Body Detox reminds us that sexy starts with a healthy gut AND it is not enough to poop, which is why I am sharing one of my favorite products that can help support your body to do what it does best, heal. The best part is you can do this full body cleanse from home.

Total Body Detox

There is a right way to detox, and it is not the old school way of taking laxatives to help you poop. Total Body Detox is a complete package of herbal science that collaborates with your body's healing and elimination process. It is a simple and effective way to cleanse your body daily at home.

  • Cell purification of both water and fat/lipid soluble toxins
  • Cleansing of blood and colon
  • Kidney and liver support
  • Healthy digestion

Key ingredients:
  • Cascara Sagrada- assists with elimination
  • Fennel- Reduces water retention
  • Burdock- A power antioxidant, known to remove toxins from the body

Not only has Total Body Detox helped to keep me regular, which I know is key to my health journey, but it has played a role in my glowy skin. Talk about health from the inside out! I would like to note that this full body cleanse is white pants approved. You may find that you feel like you are eliminating more if you are not used to being regular. One of my favorite things about Total Body Detox is how much lighter I feel when I take regularly.

You can take 2-4 caps per day AM or PM. I personally take 2 every night before I go to bed.

I always suggest starting with 1 pill a day for a few days, and then work your way up to desired amount.

45 day supply (2 pills per day)

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*** I am not a doctor, and I am sharing from my own experience. If you have questions, always consult a health care practitioner before using***

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