Journey to Non Toxic Living

August 1, 2020
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Our journey to non toxic living.

Before pics below

It started after being hospitalized for my throat swelling up, which ended with a spinal tap checking for meningitis, and an end result that gave me no answer at all. They gave me steroids to help with any inflammation. After multiple times of leaving appointments with no answers. I was desperate to figure out what was going on with my body. I didn't want another prescription to see if it would help. I wanted to get down to the root cause, and help my body heal!

A coach of mine at the time mentioned taking a look at all the ingredients in my body products, and how they could be affect my health. I shrugged it off until I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, Parker.

After becoming a mama it was like something switched in me. I started looking into ingredients in baby products. I only wanted the best for my baby. I was horrified when I stated down the hole of what was in soaps, lotions, diapers, and literally everything. What I didn't realize is how important it was for me to be aware of what I was putting on my skin because he was nursing, and we constantly had skin to skin contact.

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Soon after he was born I started looking into cleaners, deodorant, and wondering if these could be a reason why my body was having so many issues. I slowly started switching things over as I used them up. I found out about microfiber towels, learned about essential oils, and all sorts of new info I wasn't sure where to start processing.

Non Toxic Living Disclaimer

Surprise! I am not a doctor. I am just sharing from my own personal experience as we journey into a non toxic lifestyle. I always want to remind you to talk with your own doctor, and do your own research. It is worth learning, and deciding what works best for your family. I will share my experiences with you, but I still want to encourage you to do your own research. ALWAYS!

The biggest change for our family

We bought our Airstream and around the same time I felt a tug on my heart to start really getting rid of toxic products from out household. The journey with non toxic living has been a process. Now that we were starting to see our dream of one day living in an Airstream (Chasing the Wild Wonder) I figured why not get back into learning about ditching toxins, and take another step into non toxic living. I decided to start looking into cleaner beauty products. At the time I was struggling with crazy breakouts all over my face and neck. Thirty was feeling more like thirteen again.

I had been to the dermatologist who gave me prescriptions for expensive treatments, but it was an endless cycle of drying out only to see the breakouts getting worse. Not to mention the chemicals I was putting on my skin, which is our largest organ! My face was dull, bumpy, and I felt lost. When I first felt this tug on my heart I knew it was time to stop all the harsh treatments, and find something to help support my skin. I had just started a new skin routine that had marketed clean ingredients, but after looking more into them I realized their marketing was incredible, but when you take a deeper look... they still had not so great ingredients in them.

I felt hopeless.

Enter Earth's Purest Ingredients

Apparently I am not the only 30 year old that was dealing with breakouts. I was also not the only woman frustrated about seeing companies greenwash us with really incredible marketing. I was to the point where I would try anything to help my face look better, but I was hesitant at first knowing these were natural products. In the past, natural products never gave me the results I wanted. A conversation I have with so many other women now on the daily. I share this with you because I talked with other women who are also frustrated. Who have used some of the most natural products, but they weren't giving them the results they wanted.

But something inside of me told me to just give these luxury, wild crafted, products a try. I think it is safe to say that not only did they work, I was sold on the fact that each purchase goes to helping fight child trafficking. It is safe to say I fell in love with the products pretty much overnight. They are so clean, filled with wild crafted herbs, and formulated to help your body do what it does best. Heal.

Even my husband noticed the change in my skin. I finally had the smooth + glowing skin I had been praying for. It gave me a huge boost of confidence in my life, but also knowing there are companies out there that are not just trying to take your money with marketing tactics, and riding off the "clean" branding. Do your research!! 

Where are we now?

The journey to non toxic living started with what we put on our body, and has put us on a path to what we put in our bodies. Food, water and supplements. I have had the craziest things happen with me. At one point I was being tested for blood cancer, heading into the neurologist because my legs were going numb, and no one could tell me what was going on with my body. I started my first SHED Challenge, and it was exactly what I needed to help reset my body, and empower me to pay attention to what we put in our mouth. I am a work in progress. I still find myself buying treats, and loving every bite. The SHED challenge is something so many women have join in on. It is simple, and might just be the thing you need to ditch the diets, and get a jump start on you feeling good!

Know better. Do better.

I know it can feel like a black hole when you start learning about toxins in products, and even the devices we use daily that impact our health. This is not a task that you have to do in one day. Little by little you can move forward and start making the switches. In five years you can look back and be so thankful you decided to start your journey to non toxic living. I encourage you to start looking up the top chemicals that are causing cancer and disrupting hormones, and check to see if they are in the products you use on your family. Take a look into fragrances, why you should avoid water in products, and if Phenoxyethanol is in your cosmetics.

If you have that same stirring in your heart to make the change... START!

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