You're Just Mommy

March 18, 2020
5 Mins
Me: "I'm the best mommy ever."
Emery: "No. You're just mommy."

As she wraps her arms around me and pulls me in for a kiss.
If I am being straight up with you, I was totally fishing for some validation from her to remind me I was the best, and in that moment my three year old truth bombed me, which may have forever changed the way I view myself as a mom.

Do you agree that as mamas we are always looking for ways we can do better and be better?

Of course we want to be the BEST for these little humans we are raising. After Emery spoke those words, something came over my heart that I needed to hear, and felt the need to share. So, this is a reminder for all of us mommy's who are doing their best.

Our kids don't need the best or a Pinterest perfect life, they just want us. Just the way we are. Just mommy. It felt like the world stopped for a moment as my three year old said that because here I am running around trying to do all these things to be better, and the only thing my kids need is for me to be present.

To give kisses + hugs.
Pat butts at night.
Tuck them in.
Color with them.
Encourage them as they try new things.
To watch them.
Remind them they are precious and one of a kind.
Be there to kiss boo boos.
Laugh with them.
Sing songs with them.
To twirl them as they walk.
To remind them they are brave.

But we live in a world where being a mom feels like always having to level up, or question if we are doing enough. Our minds spin with trying to find the perfect camp this summer, which tutor to hire, and how to make the healthiest meals with only organic foods. "I need to..." starts to swirl around in our heads, and the list seems to only get longer, but what we really need to do is make a freaking peanut butter and honey sandwich and go sit outside under the sun with nothing else to do except be... and blow dandelions, pick grass, run around and scream, be silly, and just be mommy.

It might just be me, but with the world literally feeling like it is shutting down right now due to the Corona Virus, and I am oddly ok with not having to do anything but be home. Listen, I am a total extrovert, and believe me, I am sure I will have my rough days while being locked down but I have been secretly begging for an excuse to just be home. To just be mommy.

Do you remember the last time you slowed down?
Nowhere to be. No rushing off. Not because you were sick.

The stuff that is happening right now is serious, and maybe it's because I try to always find the positive in things that I have to see this time, which is short in the big picture of things, as a way to shift and make changes in life. Before we know it we will be back to our busy lives, and so today, while you are home, just be home. Just be mommy.


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