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Apparently there is a group of people who actually like to sit down and read.

I never understood this. I mostly wondered how in the world they had the extra time to sit and read a book. Like a long chapter book.

It wasn’t until I started with a company that encouraged us to read 15 minutes of personal development a day to help grow us as leaders. Ok, I have to be super honest with you, the only thing I had ever heard about personal development was how selfish it was to want to grow as a person, and I should only read the Bible. Not sure if that was actually stated, or if that is what I perceived in the church I grew up in.

Pretty much personal development = a sin or possibly going to Hell.

I was really nervous to start reading, but figured I would give it a go. I opened my first book,The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, and I read until early morning. I was hooked, and soaking up every word. The more I read, the more I saw my life change in areas of fear and rejection. I started gaining confidence in a season of struggling with postpartum depression. Without a doubt, I believe God put personal development in my life for so many reasons. He met me where I was, and through personal development I felt like my relationship with God changed in amazing ways.

It’s almost been six years. I still read at least 15 minutes a day almost every single day because it has become part of my morning ritual. PS get your Morning Ritual Guide when you sign up for my emails. They really do ROCK!!

My top books

I linked all these books to my small town book store. I encourage you to buy from local stores as much as possible. Usually they can get books in pretty quickly, and we want to support them more than the big guys.

1. Mothers, Daughters & Body Image by Hillary McBride

This book is for any woman out there. I soaked up everything this book was talking about. No doubt that this book changed my life. Hilary talks about real things that need to be talked about in life. I feel so much more empowered raising my little lady in this big world. Mothers, Daughters & Body Image encouraged me to no longer be voiceless, but live life out loud. I highly recommend reading this as soon as you can.

2. Everybody, Always by Bob Goff

You need this book. Stop reading, and order NOW! Everybody, Always is another book that has been such an important read in my life. Talking about we are called to become love, and ultimately, love difficult people around us. A reminder that we are all rough drafts of the people we are becoming. This book has changed the way I look at people in everyday life, business, and beyond. I loved this book so much I could read it over and over and still get gold from it.

3. The Anomaly Mind-Set by Sandi Krakowski

Calling all women who love Jesus and are building a business. This book is for you. Wow, Sandi is so powerful in how she talks about scaling big in business, and how she did it with Jesus in the driver seat. She encourages you to stop trying to separate your business and your faith. It is so empowering to see her claim her faith, and ever work with those who do not believe the same thing, but don't care because she is showing up as her authentic self. Girl, stop trying to fit in. We are called to stand out!!

4. Dream Big by Bob Goff

This is an incredible leadership book, and is a book every business owner and dreamer should read. It left me wanting to dream bigger than ever. Bob is incredible in his heart, and reminding people that in business we are called to help orphans, widows, difficult people….
We are also going to need a community for your big dreams!! We are not meant to do life alone. One of my favorite parts is the reminder to be more interested in other people and how we can serve them, than what they can do for us. I literally could go on and on, but really you just need to get the book, and then tell me what gold nuggets you got from it.

5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is the reason why I am all about chasing curiosity. If you are interested in anything even a little bit, go for it, and see where it takes you. Why not. You will learn something from it. This book made me feel so thankful I have said yes to so many things because every new yes, makes me look back and see how chasing my curiosity brought me to this point. Everything stacked on itself to be able to move forward. Go for it. Go babe!

Ok, these books should keep you pretty busy. If you end up reading any of them make sure to tag me on social @heylaciejaye so I can see what you are loving from them, and how it is impacting your life.

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