Dear Diary… WTF RONA

March 29, 2020
8 Mins
Truth is, WTF has definitely come out of my mouth more times than I can count the last few weeks.

There are a lot of mixed emotions around what is going on not only in the world, but our small community. Who knew Blaine County would be on the map with being right under New York with COVID-19. When all this first started I remember talking to a few people about Corona hitting our small town because we have so many visitors from around the world being a ski resort. The amount of out of state license plates blows my mind. I remember driving through Ketchum on a Friday night right before this all got super serious wondering why there was more Washington plates than local 5B. #stayhome

Okay, but on a serious note I can’t be the only one who has been on an emotional rollercoaster. Part of me has been wanting time away from the hustle of life, and BAM it has been served to me on a silver platter. I don’t even get the choice, and honestly, it has been really awesome having time with my family and slowing down.

I think it was the end of the first week when I may have lost my shit.

No shame here. Our town was literally in a frenzy. It was the weirdest feeling walking into stores. It was a mix of emotions so thick you could cut it. There was definitely a reality setting in with not having a job, and Ben’s jobs dropping each day. And then add starting my period to the mix of life, and I was not the person to be around. We have managed to survive.

Only worry about what you can control.

The motto I have been trying to live by during this season of life. I can’t control the fear the mass media is putting out, how others act, or even the little humans running around in my house. The things I can control are my actions and choices during this time.

Tears well up easily, and I let them fall to help create emotional balance in my body. Joy stirs in my heart, and I thank God for what we have right now. Fear comes sneaking in, and I remind myself not to get consumed by it. Laughter bubbles up, and I hang on to it because it is good for the soul. Friends, feel it all, and then move on. I also want to remind you that if you are someone who deals with depression, or has bad thoughts, please reach out to someone. Get the help! This can be a scary time for some.

What has been keeping us busy?!?

First off, I would like to give a huge shoutout to Hank and Sylvie’s for providing us with the best XXL Coloring poster. Our Omy poster has been a hit since this whole isolation thing started. It’s huge and in the middle of our hallway where we continue to find ourselves stopping, and finding little spaces to color throughout the day. Once we realized this whole being stuck at home thing was going to become our new normal for awhile we added 160 Color More pencils to our mega stash of gel pens, and it has helped our creative juices to keep flowing.

Should we talk about a routine?

We are headed into week THREE of quarantine. I am not sure if I remember much from back in the day.. kidding. I do remember rushing Parker to school every morning to avoid tardies. Our evenings were rush trying to get them to bed so I could get to bed after a long day just to wake up and do it all over again. Does anyone remember back to the first week? Not sure how you felt, but those first few days were rough. Just like that we had four bodies at home learning to live together all day long. It makes me laugh because we want to move into an airstream, which has a lot less space, and we would be together 24/7. You can follow our journey at Chasing The Wild Wonder.

There was a routine chart floating around social media, and a friend of mine sent me her version. I stayed up late one night to create a “soft” schedule to help the flow of the day, and job charts for Parker + Emery so they knew what they needed to get done each day without me asking a million times. Those charts helped me to stay on track with things I needed to get done, and also reminded me where I needed to be present.

   Download Job Chart
   Download Job Chart

This last week was a free for all. It was technically spring break so we didn’t have much of a schedule. I also would like to note… how many of you had spring break 2020 from a bottle? Self-tanner anyone? Just me? As we start to move into week three I plan on keeping a little more of our schedule with the kids. Mainly to help parker keep up with his Spanish since his is in a dual immersion school.

How to keep your sanity

Keep your standards low. I laughed the first time I saw this one circling around social media. Part of the schedule I made also included my workout. Since the gym is closed I started Beachbody programs back up so I didn’t have an excuse. Working out keeps all the good endorphins flowing, which I will take all I can get right now. Outside time is a must in our house. The kids play outside, and I try to make sure we get a good 30 minute walk in on top of outside time. Fresh air and Vitamin D does a body and soul some good! One other thing I always talk about is getting up early before the rest of the family gets up to help be in control of your day. I’ll be doing a podcast on the Her Life Out Loud podcast on a morning routine soon.

Even though world is in a crisis that doesn’t mean your household has to be crazy. The coolest part about being you is that you can create the feeling you want in your space. Know you are not alone in this season even if we all have to be six feet apart. We can come together as a community, and remind each other to keep moving forward.

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