Give Thanks in Everything

November 25, 2020
24m 36s

About this episode

We tend to focus on the bad things, and seem to forget to give thanks on the great things.

I share my heart in the process of gratitude, and learning even in the hardest seasons to give thanks and praise to God. There are so many verses that tell us about thanksgiving, and how we are called to give praise . To stop being anxious about the things in life, and to remember that even the birds in the sky are taken care of.

Friends, I know what it feels like to have $5 in my account for weeks. I know what it feels like to be late on rent money. The feeling sucks, but time and time again, I am reminded that we have to let go of what we can't control. Be thankful for what we have today because we don't know what tomorrow brings.

I have spent so much time in paralyzing anxiety and worry because we were not sure how rent would come through. Only to realize I lost so much time in being present with my family, and being thankful for that the had for us.

Stop and give thanks.

When the pandemic first hit there was a ton of fear, but when I realized I had no control over the situation... I found myself listening to worship music while I would walk around town. Praising and being thankful for the smallest of things.

What incredible things have happened during this season?

As much as the pandemic has been frustrating, I can't say I want to erase 2020. so many incredible things have happened during this year, and I really believe that a lot of it has come from this season of slowing down. It is all about perspective.

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