Still Small Voice

December 3, 2020
32m 42s

About this episode

Are you listening for the whispers of God?

So many times we want to have him come in like a wrecking ball. Right?

Loud and some sort of physical thing to know that it is really him!I shared a theme that has been showing up in my life this past month, and it was this past Sunday when a guest speaker was talking in our church, and it was like the ah-ha. moment of what my life has been like this past month.

What started with a nudge to go to church, turned into something so much more. I hope this episode encourages you to get away from the distractions, and create that space to listen for him. I am just going to be honest, my dang phone is the worst distraction ever. I pick it up and 2 hours have magically disappeared. My team just did a podcast on social media detox. Worth the listen!!

I can't wait to hear what you think of this episode. A quote from the service that spoke to me was...Your faith will lead people out of fear and into faith. I'm going to just say AMEN to that one.

Ladies, it is time to rise up. We are being called to step into our faith and help others get away from the fear that is consuming our world right now. Are you ready??

xo Lacie Jaye

Show Notes

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