Choose to Speak Life with Amber Jacobs

December 10, 2020
44m 11s

About this episode

Our words have power!

Have you ever found yourself talking negative in one area in your life, and feel the bitterness creep into your heart? You start speaking death over your marriage, your kids, your business? We are sharing how you can choose to speak life over all areas in your life, and start to see a heart shift. We share our hearts on struggling with words we speak over the people we love, and how it started changing the atmosphere in our homes. As wives, mamas, and business owners, we are ready to speak up and help other women feel empowered to speak life!

No matter where you are in life, filled with fear and feeling like negativity is drowning you, or you are in a season of life, this episode is for you. A reminder that we are in this life together to speak life, lift each other up, and be real.

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