Three Ways to Take Your Collagen

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1. Berry-Green Smoothie

This Berry-Green Smoothie is simple recipe that is jam packed with all the goodness to help get your day started off right, and a great way to take your collagen. Filled with greens, antioxidants, and our CoVera Collagen II High Performance Elixir - Island Paradise to give you radiant skin, longer hair + nails, and less joint pain.

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Make. Sip. Enjoy!

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2. Morning Coffee

Just imagine, as you start your day with a warm cup of coffee in hand ready to conquer whatever life brings that day. Coffee is a great way to get your collagen. Add in a scoop of CoVera Collagen II High Performance Elixir - Island Paradise, and know that each sip you take you are getting radiant skin, stronger nails, healthier hair, and helping your joints feel better. I don't drink a whole lot of coffee anymore, but if I did, I would definitely want to supercharge it with a collagen that actually does what what collagen is supposed to do. With every sip I would be on my way to super {wo}mom!

3. Water

You could just add collagen to water if you are into that kind of thing. Fill a glass with a small amount of water, mix in, and bottoms up, babe!
Quick and easy. But truth be told, the more women I talk with who are not on the smoothie or coffee/tea train, like to add it to a little bit of juice or electrolytes to give it a little flavor, and just like that you get collagen in for the day.

Whatever way you like to take you collagen

just make sure you are taking a collagen that is worth it! I talked about the importance of finding a collagen in my blog post, The Single Most Powerful Ingredient To Add To Your Morning Ritual.

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