Billie Razor Review

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Am I dreaming?

Listen up ladies! Anything that can shave my toe hairs in one swoop, and keep the lady parts smooth without all the bumps, is sticking around. Move over Ben!

Hey Billie, you so fine
You’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Billie,
Hey Billie

Remix by Yours Truly

I am not kidding when I say I am slightly obsessed with this razor. Ask Ben. I joke that I am going to take a shower to see Billie. I mean naming a razor Billie, might just be the best thing ever. Sorry to all the Billie’s out there because the ladies are not talking about you.

My First Thoughts

I was a huge fan of the packaging.
Give me cute packaging and you have pretty much sold me. Add in a mission that I can get on board with, and you can go ahead and take my money. Billie has it going on!

When I got home I opened the box, and the idea of cooking dinner was out the window. The kids could fight one another for the last bit of cereal because this mama was about to meet her new BFF. If you know me, you know I love color, and Billie has the perfect combo of color on their packaging that makes my heart pitter patter. You will not be disappointed when you open up your box.

What I Got

After my bestie asked why I wasn’t using a Billie Razor, I immediately ordered one. I was complaining about how bad my legs felt after shaving, and how weird my hair was growing back, so I needed to know if this razor was really actually a magical unicorn. When it was all said and done my cart was filled with:

  1. The Razor Starter Kit
    The starter kit included the handle, magic holder & 2 blades.
    I was also able to decide on my shipments for razor blades to be delivered at my door. And yes, I definitely picked the color DreamPop because it screamed “Lacie”
  2. Shave Cream
    Because when was the last time I actually bought shave cream for myself? If I am being honest… When was the last time I really even cared about shaving?
  3. Razor Travel Case
    Anything that keeps me from cutting myself when I reach into my travel bags is a must add to my shopping cart.
    I ordered this in DreamPop as well. It was created to have your razor float inside to help it air out between uses, and we all know how terrible it is when the soap around the razor gets all gooey. EWE.

The Truth

I unpacked Billie, and told Ben not to bother me because I had a date In the shower with my new razor. He thought I was a little whoo whoo. What’s new?!

Holy Shit!
I am allowed to say that on here… it is my blog, after all. Friends, I got it my hot shower, and I couldn’t tell you how long I was in there falling in love with a silly razor. This is coming from a girl who was about to give up shaving altogether. My only tip is to make sure you pull off the little tab seal that is on the Shave Cream before you get into the shower. I was wet, used my teeth, and I got a little mouthful, which actually tasted good. Don’t use this this to wash your kids mouth out… only KIDDING!

I shaved my legs, armpits, and bikini so I could see how they all felt the next few days. Would there be burning, red bumps, weird hairs?!?!

The Aftermath

Here is how I really feel.
I have never shaved my legs this much. Ever! My husband is not mad about it. Actually I don’t think he cares as much as I do. I love the feeling of soft silky legs.

  1. The Shave Cream
    I like the feeling of the Shave Cream. They said it is like shaving with marshmallows, and they were spot on! I should mention that it is a CLEAN product, which makes my heart super happy. It scores a 1 on the EWG!!!
    It is paraben free, sulfate free, vegan, and cruelty free.
  2. The Razor Blade
    Yep! I loved. It is 5 sharp blades with a charcoal shave soap that goes all the way around the blades. After using men’s razors for so long I was not used to this amount of soap surrounding the blades. I didn’t deal with the burning feeling I usually get after getting out of the shower. The soap did a great job at creating a barrier between my skin and the blades!
  3. Magic Holder
    Billie does a great job at explaining this at a razor with its own magnetic throne. We have bumpy shower walls, and suction cups do not work. So this magical little thing is truly magic. I love that it works on my shower walls, and can be moved easily.

My Skin

But what you really want to know is if I got those annoying bumps on my bikini line?!
Let’s just say last summer I considered just letting the wild hairs flow down there because the rashes I was getting from my razor were terrible. TMI? I did get a few bumps, but nothing like I was getting with other razors. My ingrown hairs used to be so bad it would hurt to clothes on. Super impressed, and can’t wait to see if those few bumps go away if I stay consistent on shaving down there.

I would like to note that my armpits are so dang sensitive. They usually break out, cause me pain as well, and it’s a vicious cycle. Guess what?!? I didn’t have any issues with my Billie Razor, and I even shaved a few days in a row just to see what would happen.

Get off here and go buy yourself a Billie!

Do yourself a favor, and buy yourself a Billie Razor. In case you didn’t know, as women with hair we have been overpaying for razors. Who even knew. When a company like Billie does away with the PINK TAX and offers free shipping it is worth a try. Not to mention, Billie is only $9 plus some change to get started. Are you as shocked as I was? I spent like $24 total with the Shave Cream and Razor Travel Case. My blades will come every 2 months for $9 and I can change my subscription at any time. I love being in control!!

RUN!! Go buy a Billie Razor for every woman you know!!
I promise it is worth purchasing. ***NOT SPONSORED

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