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August 1, 2020
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I shared more on our journey that started five years ago here on our post, Journey to Low-Toxic Living.

We have gone in phases replacing cleaners and products in our home. As products were used up we began to buy ones we felt better about using for our family. There have been so many amazing companies out there that share the vision of getting rid of toxins from homes, but it wasn’t until MIG came into our lives that we felt we could get on board and join their movement. We want to share it with everyone.

Our founder, Jaime, asked, “what is your body worth?”
When my body started shutting down this question hit me harder than ever.

More than my own body, Parker and Emery’s bodies are worth EVERYTHING. They are worth taking care of now so they don’t deal with the effects of toxins in their bodies as they get older, and Ben and I get to live a full life watching our kids grow up.

So, I listened to Jaime speak about people who had cancer wishing they would have known the importance of small changes in products and food earlier in life. She also mentioned that a man who beat cancer was asked to go through all of his personal care items before they even looked at the foods he was eating. Why? Because hormone disruption, cancer, and disease is coming from the products we use daily. Women are putting up to 200 + toxins on their body each day. I had no idea. Most don’t.

MIG started with a billion dollar idea that God gave Jaime Cross over nine years ago. It grew into a multi-million dollar company, and last year she decided to take the steps to turn this into a direct sales company knowing it is one of the most powerful business models on Earth. Her mission was to to change an industry that has become tainted. To show that it really can provide a space for women to find community, extra income, and be the vehicle to our calling in life!!! 

MIG is all about clean, wild-crafted, luxury skincare products and supplements that help support our bodies. Our bodies are incredible in how God created them to function, and when we support them with the purest ingredients it is amazing how much better out bodies run. Jaime partnered with an naturopathic doctor to co-formulate supplements that work!!

Since making the switch we are seeing more mental clarity, less joint pain, better sleep, less headaches, ENERGY, being more regular, clearer skin, and really the list could go on.

We knew we had to be a part of this company that will continue to grow into bringing better non-toxic products for our family and home. It made sense to join the movement to not only get better products in our home, help other families on the same journey, but to bring in another stream of income sharing the products we truly love.

If you have been looking at ways to make the switch to cleaner products, and are interested in learning more about making money, we would love to share how we got started, and recommend you get started the same way.

Getting started

We started with the Blossom Launch pack knowing the investment would be worth it, and unlock 'Fast Start Forever Bonuses'.

1. Become licensed
2. Become active
3. Become eligible for bonuses
4. Earn Perks

There are 9 ways you can earn money, and there are amazing perks even if you don’t build a team.


The best part about signing up with us is that

1. We have a success track record

2. Ground Floor opportunity

3. Custom Websites

4. Access to incredible trainings

We are here to set you up for success and get you started off right!

What do I get?

When you sign up not only do you get an amazing website, marketing material and access to our leaders, but you get some of the most incredible training put together by our team leaders to get you started off right!

You can get started HERE.

Once you apply I will be getting back to you, and set up a time to chat!
This way I can answer your questions on finding the best way to get started for you, and if you are ready to go I can:

- Add you as a friend on Facebook
- Get you plugged in to our team pages
- Find a time to get on a 1:1 call
- CELEBRATE with you

If you know you need to sign up right now here is the link.
Once you are signed up I can reach out to you, and make sure to set you up with the right launch pack so you can get started!!

After seeing so many other families take charge of removing toxins from their homes, we are very passionate about helping you to make the change you want for your family! We would love to chat more about MIG, and answer any questions you might have with getting started!

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